Areas of Practice

Civil Law

“Secher Bairam Ali Law Office” provides comprehensive legal services on all aspects of Civil Law. We undertake the following issues:

Family Law

Divorces – Child Support/Alimony – Child custody – Communication between parties to the action – Distribution of Common Marital Property – Family roof – Adoptions – Acknowledgement of Children – Paternity or Maternity differences- Civil Partnerships – Judicial Supporter – Change of Gender Identity

Inheritance Law

All types of Wills – Certificates of Inheritance – Acceptance of Inheritance – Non- Acceptance of Inheritance – Inheritance Claims

Employment Law

Accidents at Work - Dismissals - Claims for compensation for dismissals and industrial accidents - Claims for earnings with representation before administrative and judicial authorities – Employment Contracts – Issuance of pensions


Cadastre Procedure - Cadastre Claims

Property Law / Law of Obligations

Distribution Act – Leases for private or professional use – Sales and purchases and legality of property check – Transfer of property – Urban Planning violations – Representation in leasehold and co-ownership disputes

Road accidents

Accident compensation

Extrajudicial declarations

Accident compensation

Powers of Attorney

Accident compensation

Professional Translations

Greek, Turkish and English

Criminal Law

“Secher Bairam Ali Law Office” is committed and dedicated to the entire course of a criminal proceeding, with particular emphasis on shaping the defendant's line of defense from the earliest stages of criminal proceedings to criminal matters. We strive with full legal support and representation to protect the rights of our clients in accordance with the Law and the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights).

Administrative Law

“Secher Bairam Ali Law Office” undertakes cases that arise between citizens and the government or between companies and the public administration. Specifically:

Representation before administrative authorities for penalties and imposition administrative fines

Insurance disputes for pensions and hospitalization

Administrative Penalties

Actions before the Supreme Administrative Court and the administrative courts of Greece

Civil Liability of the State

Omission of any member, authority or person holding cases administrative or executive power issues

Commercial Law

“Secher Bairam Ali Law Office” provides comprehensive legal services that cover the full spectrum of matters regulated by Commercial Law. Below you will find issues related to this area:

Drawing up and negotiating the terms of all commercial contracts


Legal representation of all types of companies: [General Commercial Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Private Companies, Public Limited Company, cooperatives, unions, silent partnerships, etc.]

Competition law

Trademark law

Intellectual and industrial property law

Law of Enforced Recovery

“Secher Bairam Ali Law Office” undertakes with great efficiency claims for due debts and resolve issues in the enforcement process, both from the lender and debtor side. Our range of services includes:

Termination of contract. Drafting and processes serving extrajudicial declarations-invitations

Out of court settlements

Real estate research

Submission and process serving of court payment and rental payment orders and the restitution of use of leased property order

Drafting and litigation of actions

Registration of mortgages and pre-notation mortgages

Garnishments and attachments of immovable and movable property

Seizure of special assets

Bringing opposition and suspension orders against payment orders

Bringing opposition and suspension applications against foreclosure reports on movable and immovable property, bank account seizures and salary

Bringing opposition and suspension applications against rental payment orders and the restitution of use of leased property orders

Compulsory enforcement actions

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